As your U.S. Senator, I believe there is nothing more important than staying connected with the people and commonsense values of our great state. Since I joined the Senate, I have relied on your feedback, thoughts and ideas – and I’m always looking for more ways we can stay connected. You deserve the very best in service from those you’ve elected to represent you, and I always want to hear from you if you think there is something we could be doing better. So this week I am so proud to announce two very important ways that we can stay in touch with each other, even when I'm in Washington.  

First off, my office has started a completely new event for West Virginians at the U.S. Capitol. Every Wednesday that the Senate is in session, I will host a coffee hour for any West Virginians who come to Washington.  

We’re calling it “Wednesday Wake-Up with Joe,” and I want every West Virginian to know that they have an open invitation to join me in my Washington office.

I truly hope that when you and your family come to our nation’s capital – whether for work or for fun – you know that you have a place to come visit, say hello and tell me in person what’s on your mind.  

I’ll be hosting “Wednesday Wake-up with Joe” each week that the Senate is in session. To find out if I’ll be hosting a coffee session during a week you’ll be in town, you can visit my website: and click on “Contact Joe.” There, you’ll see plenty of information about our constituent coffee series. And, you can RSVP online. You can also call my office at (304) 342-5855 if you need any more information and to RSVP.  

We'll start our coffee hour on May 16 at 10 a.m., and Gayle and I truly hope that you can join us.  

Of course, the doors to all of my offices – in Washington, Charleston, Martinsburg and Morgantown – are always open to the people of our great state. But I also want my staff to be available to you in your community. That’s why at the end of the month, I’m sending my staff to you.  

Starting May 21, my staff will be holding “Commonsense Connections” events all across the state. Representatives from my office will make more than 75 stops across West Virginia – traveling to all 55 counties – to meet with the people of our state and hear your commonsense priorities and concerns.  

We launched our first-ever “Commonsense Connections” Week in February 2011, and because these events were so successful, we’ve carried on the tradition. This May will be our fourth series of “Commonsense Connections” events, and I hope West Virginians will use this opportunity to share what’s on their minds. To find out when a representative from my office will be in your area, please visit my website,, where the dates and times for all of our “Commonsense Connections” events are listed. You can also call my office. 

I want to thank each and every one of you for all that you do to make our state great. I hope that you’ll be able to join us for coffee in Washington, and that you’ll take the time to visit with my staff when they are in your county. 

May God bless you, and my God bless the great state of West Virginia. 

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