Committee and Subcommittee Assignments

Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) is proud to represent West Virginia on four critical Senate committees that will tackle the important work of addressing our nation’s energy needs, standing up for members of the military, honoring our veterans and finding commonsense solutions to boost economic prosperity.

Senator Manchin currently serves on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, the Senate Armed Services Committee, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation and the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs. 

Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee

Senator Manchin is proud to serve on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, where he will fight for a commonsense, balanced energy approach that recognizes West Virginia’s critical role in our nation’s energy future and helps us achieve energy independence within a generation. Senator Manchin believes it is imperative that this country develops an energy policy that focuses on security by reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Every state must do its part to use its resources – whether it’s clean coal and natural gas or wind and solar – to make energy independence a reality. Senator Manchin will always stand up for energy policies that are good for West Virginia jobs, America’s security and our way of life. Senator Manchin will continue to challenge the egregious overreach of the Environmental Protection Agency, and ensure that the EPA is not regulating what has not been legislated.

As a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Senator Manchin is the Ranking Chairman of the Subcommittee on Energy. He also serves on the Subcommittee on Public Lands, Forests and Mining and the Subcommittee on Water and Power.

Senate Armed Services Committee

Senator Manchin has always said that West Virginia is one of the most patriotic states in the country. As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Senator Manchin looks forward to standing up on behalf of West Virginia’s many members of the armed services to ensure they have the funding, equipment and training they need to defend our nation. Our servicemen and women – and their families – make enormous sacrifices to keep us all safe, and Senator Manchin is committed to ensuring that we do all we can to bring our servicemen and women home safely while continuing to support their families here at home.

As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Senator Manchin serves on the Subcommittee of Airland, Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities and the Subcommittee on Strategic Forces.

Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation 

As a member of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, Senator Manchin will have a significant influence in promoting economic development in the global marketplace, supporting fair trade practices, creating good-paying jobs across West Virginia and America, providing much-needed highway, transportation, and infrastructure funding, and encouraging tourism initiatives. With 97 percent of small businesses fueling West Virginia’s economy, Senator Manchin understands the importance of making sure our small businesses can develop, expand and prosper. He looks forward to working with his colleagues to prevent the government from overreaching with onerous federal regulations that can hinder growth. Senator Manchin believes that leveraging public-private partnerships serves as the bedrock for economic growth and prosperity, and he will continue to drive entrepreneurship and innovation in the Mountain State and across the country. He also looks forward to investing in cutting-edge technology and improving communications infrastructure to help us become more competitive in the 21st Century.

As a member of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transprtation, Senator Manchin serves on the Aviation Operations, Safety and Security Subcommittee and the Communications, Technology, Innovation, and the Internet Subcommittee.

Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs

Senator Manchin recognizes the sacrifices and patriotism of our veterans, and he is committed to ensuring veterans receive the best available care and benefits. As a new member of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, Senator Manchin is proud to continue that mission and be a strong voice for improving veterans’ services and programs. Senator Manchin believes that we should thank our veterans every day for their unwavering dedication and service to this great country, and he is honored to express his gratitude for their service by serving them on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee. 

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