Restoring Fiscal Discipline

“My proud grandfather always told me that crippling debt will lead us to make cowardly decisions. America is not a country of cowards.”

~Senator Manchin, Maiden speech 

West Virginians and all Americans are demanding that we get our financial house in order. As a nation, we can’t spend our way to prosperity. We must confront our fiscal situation and define our priorities based on our values. Doing so, for West Virginians, is just common sense. No one makes a budget based on how much they want to spend, but on how much they have. 

The federal government must start doing the same. 

To that end, Senator Manchin believes we must begin to take responsible steps to live within our means while we protect priorities like Social Security and Medicare. He was the first Democratic Senator to announce that he would not vote to raise the debt ceiling unless it was tied to a long-term debt fix. And he believes that whatever debt fix is put in place must provide seniors with the assurance that they will not lose their Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Senator Manchin is working with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to develop a commonsense strategy on how to best cut spending and address our rising debt and deficits. And, while these steps will require difficult decisions, he believes that if we put partisanship aside and work together, we can have a bipartisan, commonsense plan that improves our fiscal future and sets our nation on a new course for fiscal responsibility. 

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