Issues and Legislation

Since taking office, Senator Manchin has traveled thousands of miles around the state of West Virginia to hear citizens’ priorities, ideas and concerns. 

 As a result of these conversations, Senator Manchin has laid out several “Commonsense Solutions” to the pressing challenges facing West Virginia and the country. The solutions include new policy proposals to address problems ranging from our nation’s fiscal crisis, high unemployment rates and substance abuse in our communities to addressing the burdensome regulations of the EPA.

Legislatively, job creation is Senator Manchin’s top priority, and he believes that government should act as a partner, not an adversary, in helping to create the environment that produces good American jobs. Senator Manchin also firmly believes that we must do what we did in West Virginia - put our fiscal house in order. He believes we must find commonsense ways to cut spending while keeping our promises to our seniors and veterans. 

Senator Manchin is strongly committed to developing a national energy plan that utilizes all of our resources and that finally ends our dependence on Middle East oil. He believes that a balanced, commonsense approach that considers the needs of our environment and the demands of our economy, can and must be developed if we are to achieve energy independence within this generation. 

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