WV Strong: Jason Jenkins

Cabell County

I’ve been seeing so many great WV Strong stories, showcasing the Better Angel that is inside each of us. Right now, it’s important to recognize the families and educators working hard to ensure our state’s children get their education in these difficult times. For so many families in rural areas, distance learning is made even more difficult by a lack of internet. Many are driving their kids to WiFi hotspots so they can participate in class discussions.

That is why I have nominated Jason Jenkins and his family from Cabell County as West Virginia Strong. They have been driving to a WiFi hotspot set up in a local school bus. The lengths that they, and so many, have had to go to in order to ensure their kids can get their education is admirable. It is also disheartening because this is not an uncommon experience due to the lack of broadband in our home state. I know this story is shared by many and I hope it sheds some light on the struggle of so many families during this school year.

For years as your U.S. Senator, I’ve been pushing for expansion of broadband internet in West Virginia. Now when we need it most, many people still don’t have it. However, in true West Virginia fashion, teachers, parents and volunteers have found creative ways around this obstacle, setting up hotspots, free tutoring, and so much more.  Your stories will fuel this fire, so please continue sharing them with me at wvstrong@manchin.senate.gov . Also please be sure to visit my webpage – www.manchin.senate.gov/speedtest - to take a broadband speed test so we can prove to the FCC that our broadband coverage is well below the stated coverage. Again, that’s www.manchin.senate.gov/speedtest