WV Strong: Jerry and June Hicks

Kanawha County

I’ve been seeing so many great WV Strong stories. Every day, I will be sharing one with you.  Today’s story I’m sure captures the spirit of many of our communities in West Virginia.  Jerry and June Hicks of St. Albans submitted a lovely portrait of their neighborhood and the changes that have come with going through this pandemic together.

They wrote:

The View From Our Front Porch

“We are an elderly couple (late 70's) and avid porch sitters. Cold, hot, chilly, rainy days we sit.

The Covid 19 quarantine has opened a window into our neighborhood.

The majority of our neighbors were always busy working or taking their children to activities.

We were just the old couple on their porch.

How life has changed.

Couples walking and talking, parents riding bikes or playing catch with the kids,

or fishing poles in hand and headed to the neighborhood lake.

We have come to know the children's and the dogs’ names, big and small.

Each usually takes the time for a wave and quick hello or stopped to chat awhile.

They have given us phone numbers or said "call if you need anything."

We have been a witness to kindness, laughter and love.

They have taken the time to make us feel special and a part of their daily lives.”


Jerry & June Hicks