January 28, 2019

General Foreman, Penn Line Service-Morgantown


  • Schedules/mobilizes labor, equipment, material and tools to be on site when needed
  • Instructs Crew Leaders in work scheduling, processes, procedures, locations, etc.
  • Makes frequent work site visits to inspect work in progress and ensure it conforms to standards; and to monitor productivity and safety
  • Works together with utility foresters/inspectors to clarify work specifications, coordinate work audits/inspections and address customers issues.
  • Coordinates permissioning process (where appropriate)
  • Responds to customer or property owner complaints
  • Monitors material consumption
  • Organizes and coordinates crew mobilization and dispatch activity during storm-damage response
  • Coaches and mentors crew leaders in their front-line safety roles, including enforcement of required safety practices like personal protective equipment; traffic/public control; emergency response; job site safety communications; and equipment safety.
  • Assures that employees receive training and guidance in work procedures needed to perform well in their jobs, and that work assignments are compatible with skill levels and abilities.
  • Identifies and acknowledges positive and safe employee work practices. Provides feedback on at-risk behaviors, and makes immediate correction.
  • Works with crew leaders to assure that employees have the appropriate safety equipment to perform job tasks.
  • Leads investigation of accidents/incidents, and takes remedial action as required; in serious or catastrophic cases, assists Safety Department with post-accident investigation.

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