March 15, 2019

Pipeline Technician,TransCanada-Dallas


  • Performs pipeline maintenance activities such as: pipeline patrols; leak repairs and surveys; lubricating valves; installing cathodic protection systems and anodes; blows drips; clears right-of-way; monitors heaters;
  • Locates and marks pipelines through the state one call system;
  • Removes freezes in pipelines, drips or meters;
  • Communicates with contractors, general public, landowners and government agencies relative to gas operations;
  • Operates company trucks, small dozer, brush hog and/or backhoe to perform operation and maintenance duties;
  • Performs general housekeeping duties for company facilities as required;
  • Periodically assists in leak repairs (using Gas Trace/Gas Scopes) and/or construction jobs;
  • Using PC and/or handheld device, completes Work Orders, enters data into Job Plans, creates new Notifications, etc. in SAP work manager;
  • Responsible for the operation and maintenance of natural gas pipelines and associated equipment;
  • Works independently on a daily basis;
  • Required to work in a team environment on occasion;
  • Other tasks as required.


  • Able to complete reports and records clearly and legibly;
  • Above-average ability to understand verbal and written instructions and possess basic mathematical skills;
  • Above-average physical stamina when lifting, bending, climbing, pushing and pulling tools and equipment while accomplishing work duties;
  • Above-average skills as a good team worker and ability to work cooperatively with co-workers;
  • Possess leadership abilities;
  • Demonstrated basic personal computer skills, and the ability to obtain basic skills in using a handheld computer;
  • Ability to obtain basic skills in using SAP work manager.
  • High school diploma or equivalent is required;
  • Marking and locating pipeline experience is preferred;
  • Previous mechanical experience is preferred

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