June 17, 2016

Manchin donates flags to Martinsburg Little League in honor on Flag Day | Martinsburg Journal

MARTINSBURG - In honor of Flag Day, Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., donated several flags across the state on Tuesday, and one of the recipients was the Martinsburg Little League.

"Every day, schoolchildren, Scouts, veterans, community leaders - in fact, Americans all across this great land - pledge their allegiance to the Stars and Stripes,"Manchin said in a press release.

Keith McIntosh, state projects coordinator and representative for Manchin, presented Dr. Bill Queen, president of the Martinsburg Little League, Little League members and guests with an American flag that has flown over the state Capitol, as well as a brand new state flag to be displayed at the Little League field in Oastesdale Park in Martinsburg.

The donated flags will fly over the Little League fields in honor of local veterans

"In paying special tribute to our flag, we honor not only our flag, but also the ideals on which America was founded as well as the generations of Americans who have defended those ideals in battle. Flag Day is a very special day because it reminds us all of the sacrifice and unwavering dedication of our service men and women and these presentations to various organizations truly show how our communities and neighbors respect our flag and what it stands for. We fully wanted to highlight the entire week around Flag Day so last year we incorporated the Motorcycle Ride for Fallen Service Heroes into our presentations so we could have yet another way to honor our flag, our fallen and their families," Manchin said.

"We appreciate Sen. Manchin donating these flags to the Martinsburg Little League. It seems like such a small token, but to us it's a very large thing for us to be able to recognize our veterans and to pay hommage to them with the flag," Queen said.

"We fly these flags 365 days a year because they are lighted and it serves as a monument to people that have helped this league and also to our veterans. So it's a great honor of Mrs. Townsend to have suggest that we be presented with the flag today," Queen added.

Sarah Townsend, a Martinsburg resident and active community member, said she suggested the Little League recieve a flag because she thought it would be beneficial to the league.

"I just think it's a great thing," Townsend said.

Flag Day presentations have become an annual tradition in Manchin's office. Manchin's staff joined veterans, students, county officials and members of the community to salute our veterans and pay tribute to the American flag in many locations around the state on Tuesday.