May 11, 2011

Manchin Outlines "Commonsense" Strategy for Lower Gas Prices | WDTV News

The high gas prices West Virginians (and Americans) have been suffering through have many folks turning to our politicians in Washington, D.C. for a solution.

Wednesday, Senator Joe Manchin (D, WV) announced his "commonsense strategy" that he hopes will end our dependence on foreign oil and drive gas prices back down to normal levels.

In a speech on the senate floor, Manchin highlighted the need for short and long-term energy solutions.  Manchin also said that Democrats and Republicans must work together to solve this crisis and ease your suffering at the pump.

Some of Manchin's solutions include reforming oil company subsidies, and developing domestic resources, like the new coal-to-fuel conversion plant in Mingo County.

He also wants to crack down on oil speculators.

For more info on these speculators, and why lawmakers like Sen. Manchin are upset with them, click the link below: