April 18, 2019

More Than $1.7 Million In Federal Funding Set For West Virginia Schools | WV MetroNews

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Schools in 14 West Virginia counties will receive federal funding from the Secure Rural Schools program.

The more than $1.7 million total comes after U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., questioned a U.S. Department of Agriculture official during a hearing last week about the lapse in funding.

“While it’s unacceptable the payments have lapsed this long, I am relieved the Forest Service has responded to my continued urging and finally issued these overdue payments. I hope they will work with us in the coming months to find a long-term solution that provides our counties the financial stability they deserve,” Manchin said.

The funding is split between the counties:

  • Barbour County; $9.31.
  • Grant County; $35,255.41
  • Greenbrier County; $172,953.33.
  • Hampshire County; $4,471.98.
  • Hardy County; $76,462.81.
  • Mercer County; $92.89.
  • Monroe County; $34,635.66.
  • Nicholas County; $51,413.62.
  • Pendleton County; $225,565.28.
  • Pocahontas County; $487,426.36.
  • Preston County; $7,105.26.
  • Randolph County; $335,374.72.
  • Tucker County; $135,647.26.
  • Webster County; $198,529.85.



By:  Staff Writers