April 10, 2012

Sen. Joe Manchin Visits Wheeling Gas Station With Ideas For Lowering Gas Prices | WTRF News

Sen. Joe Manchin says gas prices are simply too high, and West Virginians in particular are suffering.

"We commute in West Virginia almost more than another state, for our jobs," said Manchin. "So we have no alternative but to drive. That being said, this high price is taking a toll on our families, our jobs, on everybody."

Truck owner and operator Gerard Joseph of Wheeling spoke with the senator as he filled his truck's tank with $1,000 in fuel.

"I think that gas prices are way too high and they need to come down, especially diesel fuel," said Joseph.

Schmidt Brothers Sunoco owner Rob Schmidt had a long conversation with Manchin, saying that both he and his customers are in a seemingly helpless situation.

"I'm similar to my customers in one respect, because there's a lot of frustration," said Schmidt. "And the frustration is that you feel you don't have any kind of a say."

Manchin's plan for lowering gas prices involves freeing the nation from its costly reliance on overseas oil.

First of all, he wants to crack down on speculators.

"Basically we need to stop the speculators from making these obscene profits, speculating on someone else's misery," said Manchin. "They're taking advantage of the American economy, and we've been speaking out loud and clear that this shouldn't be done."

Finally, he says we need to become more energy-independent and diversify.

"A balance between the economy and the environment is what has to happen," said Manchin. "And we have to use our coal, our gas, our oil, and then basically develop the clean renewable energies of the future."

By:  D.K. Wright