November 19, 2013

Sen. Manchin fights for coal’s future | Charleston Gazette

West Virginians know Sen. Joe Manchin as a tireless advocate for coal throughout his time as both a U.S. senator and as the state’s governor.

Sen. Manchin truly represents the voice of West Virginians and coal communities in Washington — voices too often drowned out by administration officials and lawmakers.

The senator recently was awarded the Washington Coal Club’s Achievement Award. The award was timely, because Manchin and Rep. Ed Whitfield of Kentucky drafted legislation to counter stringent EPA regulations for new coal-fueled power plants.

Sen. Manchin recognizes the critical role coal plays in powering America’s energy needs affordably and reliably. Every day, he strives to work across party lines to ensure coal continues to fuel economic growth and provide energy security.

Congratulations to Sen. Manchin on a worthy and well-deserved achievement. West Virginia is lucky to have an advocate in Washington who fights every day for coal’s future.

By:  Mike Duncan, president American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity Washington
Source: Letter to the Editor