August 10, 2011

Sen. Manchin Pushes For Continued Work on Debt Deal | WDTV News

As the blame game for the credit rating is in full swing in Washington, our own Senator Joe Manchin says congress should get back to work if they're serious about solving the debt crisis.

Manchin says lawmakers should cut their August vacation early and head back to the hill because he believes the debt deal does not go far enough to stop another battle of politics when they get back together next month.

Manchin says he's so serious about solving the debt crisis that he has written to Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, asking to be a part of the special committee that will make another 1.5 trillion dollars in cuts out of the budget. He told Reid that he believes his bipartisan ability will help put the politics aside.

Manchin also told Reid that as governor, he increased our state's bond rating three years in a row, even during a recession. This special committee will have 12 members who should be named sometime later this week.