November 09, 2011

Senate Committee Coming to Charleston Regarding Marcellus Shale Drilling | WDTV

Marcellus Shale Drilling will be the topic of Senator Joe Manchin's first Congressional Field Hearing when he brings the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee to Charleston next Monday.

The committee will cover topics ranging from the economic benefits of drilling, to the safety and environmental concerns folks have when they hear about the topic.

Manchin has hopes that this industry can be a game changer in the Mountain State.

He invited the committee to "... talk about the Marcellus Shale, listen to what we've been doing and the challenges we have in West Virginia, the opportunities we have in West Virginia and how we can work as a partner rather than the federal government trying to come in and maybe tell us how it should be done or how they'd like to have it done and making sure that we protect the environment. We take advantage of the opportunities to grow the jobs in West Virginia."

The committee will hear different aspects of shale gas drilling specifically related to the kind used here in the Mountain State.

By:  Nicole Porter