January 19, 2012

Senator visits nursing home | The Lincoln Journal

HAMLIN - The residents of Hamlin’s Lincoln Nursing and Rehabilitation Center welcomed the state’s junior senator to their facility last week.

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) dropped by the facility following his earlier visit to Lincoln County High School, Monday afternoon, January 9, 2012.

Manchin met with residents at the center and was shown the kitchen and other areas of the 60-bed facility. The center is celebrating 25 years in operation this year.

During his remarks, Manchin said that he was able to tell that the residents at the facility were well cared for. With regard to the 25 years of operations, Manchin said that the nursing home still looked as if it had just been built.

A stick, crafted by the residents at the facility, was presented to the senator. Manchin spoke about the importance of keeping in touch with constituents. He said that there were some politicians in Washington D.C. who may not have been around their home states and probably don’t even know the price of a gallon of milk. A question regarding a future run for presidency drew laughs and smiles from Manchin and the residents.

Manchin departed the facility shortly afterward. The visit to Hamlin was part of a two-week statewide tour focused on “Standing Up For Common Sense.”

During the tour, Manchin is discussing what his office termed “the immense policy challenges ahead in 2012 and the need to stand up for commonsense ideas that will create jobs, boost the economy, achieve energy independence, protect seniors and rebuild America.”

“For the sake of our state’s future and our country’s future, we in West Virginia must stand up for commonsense and send Washington a very strong and direct message: It’s time to stand up and work together,” Senator Manchin said. “With the dysfunction in Washington we saw last year, now is our time to put politics aside and focus on what’s best for America and the next generation – protecting our seniors, creating jobs, achieving energy independence and rebuilding our nation.”

The tour features a number of major public events, including town halls, coffee conversations and visits to schools and senior centers. According to his office, Senator Manchin is also meeting with business and labor leaders, seniors, families, students and West Virginians from all across the state to talk about how to “stand together for commonsense and a brighter future for the nation.”

By:  Sean O'Donoghue