January 11, 2015

Serving Our State Well in Washington | The Intelligencer

While he was governor, U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., had a reputation for getting things done. He also had a talent for bringing political opponents together.

Frustrated with the climate in Washington, D.C., Manchin recently described his time in the Senate as "the most unproductive of my working life." In answer to a reporter's question, he refused to promise to serve out his Senate term, which continues through 2018.

By this summer, Manchin will decide whether to do that - or come home and run for governor, he told the reporter.

Manchin's dissatisfaction, with his own party's president and senators continually thumbing their noses at ideas that are good for our state and the nation as a whole, is understandable.

But he has served West Virginia and the nation well in the Senate. He has garnered national attention for serving as a voice of reason within the Democrat Party. He has alerted millions of Americans to dangers such as President Barack Obama's war on coal and reasonably priced electricity. With liberal Democrats no longer in control of the Senate, he may be able to do much more.

Manchin's decision is his alone to make, of course. But in deciding, he ought to be aware that many of his fellow Mountain State residents are grateful for his service - in both Charleston and Washington.

By:  Editorial