April 09, 2020

WV Strong: Angela Collier, Boone County

Today's story of a Better Angel comes from Robin Bowman, the LifeBridge AmeriCorps Director. She sent in a story from one of our AmeriCorps workers, Angela Collier, who is serving at a high school in Boone County.

The first few days the school focused on planning - Planning food preparations, educational packets and everything else in between. Angela kept trying to find new ways to be able to reach students so they would have all the information they needed. She and everyone involved started calling, messaging and reaching out on social media making sure students would know how to reach them.  She had no idea the impact that would have.

Now this team talks to students often through FaceTime, social media chat, and phones calls. They’ve been able to make sure they’re okay academically but also physically, emotionally and mentally during this trying time. Angela says being at home is sometimes the worst thing for kids who live in undesirable situations, and her hope is that they will help in some small way by just being available to talk.

Thank you Angela and everyone with LifeBridge AmeriCorps.