April 04, 2020

WV Strong: Staci Boggs, Fayette County

My name is Staci Boggs. I am a volunteer coordinator for Fayette Connected—a virtual volunteer site, covering Fayette County, WV. I chose to reach out to members in our community to sew masks for our healthcare workers. Not only are we washing our hands, but we’re using them for great purpose. It has been rewarding and humbling to sew masks for employees who sacrifice their health, time, and hearts daily for those who are suffering. We have donated our masks to local individuals at high risk, hospitals, and others in need. Due to social distancing, I have encouraged people (college students, family members, local store owners, and neighbors) to sew masks in the privacy of their own homes. From eight years of age, to eighty-five, these dedicated citizens have found a way to help in the midst of this crisis.

WV Strong - Staci Boggs