January 05, 2021

Congress, it's time to do our job | CNN Opinion

by Senator Joe Manchin

I was first sworn in as a United States senator on November 15, 2010, and took an oath to defend the United States Constitution. Standing alongside me that day was my mother, my wife, our children and grandchildren. I raised my right hand and placed my left hand on our family Bible. Then, I swore to "support and defend" and to "bear true faith and allegiance to" the Constitution of the United States of America.I have since had the honor of taking that oath two more times upon being reelected … Continue Reading

December 23, 2020

Sharing wild and wonderful with the world | The Register-Herald

by Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Shelley Moore Capito

First designated as a National River in 1978, the New River Gorge is composed of approximately 72,000 acres of land along 53 miles of one of the world’s oldest rivers - the New River - stretching from Bluestone Dam to Hawk’s Nest Lake. More importantly, it is home to hiking trails, globally-renowned rock climbing formations, world-class whitewater rafting, and remarkable hunting and fishing opportunities. Not to mention, the third tallest bridge in the United States - an iconic West Virginia … Continue Reading

December 15, 2020

How we compromised on covid-19 relief | The Washington Post

by Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Mitt Romney

Coming off the most bitter, divisive presidential election (and post-election) in modern American history, expectations have been understandably low for Congress’s ability to agree on anything — even another round of covid-19 relief. Progress has been nonexistent for several months, with talks at an impasse between a comprehensive $2.2 trillion stimulus package put forth by Democrats and a much more targeted $500 billion bill proposed by Republicans. These proposals were denounced and … Continue Reading

August 26, 2020

Outdoors Act Helps Keep W.Va. Wild, Wonderful

by Wheeling Mayor Glenn Elliott

As West Virginians, we areblessed to live in one of the most naturally beautiful states in the nation. From our scenic rivers to our majestic mountains to our unspoiled wilderness areas, there truly is something for everyone in “wild and wonderful”West Virginia.With the recent signing into law of the bipartisan Great American Outdoors Act, our region and our state are even better poised to take advantage of West Virginia’s natural beauty by expanding outdoor recreation opportunities while … Continue Reading

June 20, 2020

Investing in our outdoor treasures | The Martinsburg Journal

by Senator Joe Manchin

West Virginia boasts world-class rivers, seemingly never-ending forests, and a rich history that ties the outdoors to the core of our state’s identity. Ask most West Virginians and they’ll tell you how they grew up hunting, hiking, fishing, and exploring our wild and wonderful backyard. It’s who we are and what we love to do. That’s why I’m proud to lead the Great American Outdoors Act which reinvests in our outdoor treasures.But our recreation areas are not just beautiful, they also support … Continue Reading

June 15, 2020

How to create good new jobs in America's wonderlands | CNN

by Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Cory Gardner

Setting aside our natural treasures to be owned and enjoyed by the public at large was one of the most forward thinking ideas in our country's history. Growing up in Colorado and West Virginia, our childhoods were marked with field trips and adventures in our country's majestic public lands. Whether it was hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park or the woods of North Central West Virginia, we learned to appreciate the great American outdoors.Now, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to … Continue Reading

May 28, 2020

Put This Bipartisan Legislation to Bolster our Food Supply Chain in Any Additional COVID-19 Relief Package | Agripulse

by Sen. Joe Manchin, Sen. Kevin Cramer, Sen. Agnus King, Sen. Mike Rounds, Sen. Steve Daines, Sen. Tina Smith, Sen. John Barrasso, Sen. Jon Tester, and Sen. Michael Enzi

Agriculture is the economic engine for many communities in the Midwest, North East, and across the Upper Great Plains. Our agricultural producers play a critical role in feeding and fueling our nation, and also in our national security strategy. When we can produce affordable, nutritious food here at home, we don’t have to rely on other countries to obtain it. Unfortunately, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is exposing several vulnerabilities to our nation’s food supply chain.Today, around … Continue Reading

May 27, 2020

Senator Manchin and FCC Commissioner Rosenworcel urge Lewis County to speed test | The Weston Democrat

by Senator Joe Manchin and FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel

Last fall, we went back to school. We visited Lewis County High School in Weston to gather in the auditorium and speak at an assembly about broadband access in the community. Our message to the students was simple: If you can’t connect, you can’t compete.Today, having broadband is essential for everyone. It’s how students do their homework. It’s how businesses communicate with customers. It’s how health care gets to patients - especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when telehealth is more … Continue Reading

April 19, 2020

WV healthcare providers need more support | The Herald-Dispatch

by Senator Joe Manchin

It’s no secret West Virginia is one of the most naturally beautiful rural states in the nation. Our majestic mountains, rolling hills, valleys and rivers make for the perfect escape. However, it’s not without its challenges. The wild and wonderful features of our state can make travel and infrastructure a challenge, especially for those who live in our most remote locations. In turn, our rural communities can sometimes be the most challenging to serve.We see this as we fight to get reliable … Continue Reading

April 12, 2020

We Must Support Rural Healthcare | AARP West Virginia Update

by Senator Joe Manchin

Rural hospitals and healthcare providers throughout West Virginia are the first line of defense in the communities they serve. Already, our rural healthcare providers often operate on shoestring budgets to provide the best possible care to the populations they serve. As we fight the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot allow these rural hospitals and providers to close. That's why I've been advocating for dedicated funding for our rural healthcare providers and increased telehealth options to fill … Continue Reading

March 14, 2020

Preserve and protect cherished spaces through permanent funding | The Register-Herald

by Senator Joe Manchin

West Virginians have always had a profound appreciation for our public lands and outdoor playgrounds. As a child I grew up hunting, fishing and exploring outside like many of my fellow West Virginians. When I became a father and then a grandfather, instilling a love and appreciation for our wild and wonderful West Virginia in my children and grandchildren was important to me. But we cannot take our backyard playgrounds for granted - we must continue to preserve and protect these cherished … Continue Reading

February 14, 2020

Manchin: The President Is Not A King | CNN

by Senator Joe Manchin

Perhaps the most dangerous claim made during the Senate impeachment trial was the false assertion that the President can do no wrong, that he is above the law, and if it is good for his reelection, then it is good for the country. Make no mistake, no president is a king. That is not who we are as Americans. Where I was raised in the small coal-mining town of Farmington, West Virginia, people did not believe they were better than someone else and could act with total disregard for the … Continue Reading

February 12, 2020

We Must Keep Making The Case | Hampshire Review

by Senator Joe Manchin

Now more than ever before, we have the world at our fingertips. But for thousands of West Virginians reliable broadband is still an aspiration instead of a reality. The fight for fair access to the internet is the modern day equivalent to the fight for rural electrification we waged nearly 100 years ago. In 1935, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Rural Electrification Act into law as part of the New Deal. When this law created the Rural Electrification Administration, less than … Continue Reading

January 12, 2020

We Must Work To Find Common Ground | The Clarksburg Exponent

by Senator Joe Manchin

As our politics becomes increasingly polarized, it is easy to feel discouraged about bipartisanship. I've always said that partisan politics has turned into a tribal mentality and has ruined Washington and is the reason why it's so hard to get things done. But as a senator from West Virginia, I still believe there is plenty of common ground where Democrats and Republicans can work together for the benefit of all Americans. Bipartisanship isn't just a political practice; it's a value … Continue Reading

January 06, 2020

Putting Partisan Politics Aside To Help West Virginia | The Wheeling Intelligencer

by Senator Joe Manchin

When I was sworn in as the U.S. senator for West Virginia, I knew I had big shoes to fill. Senator Robert C. Byrd was a giant in the Senate, known for his work on the Appropriations Committee to bring opportunities and projects to our state. Today, I am proud to hold the seat of the great senator and I take my responsibility to carry on his legacy as a member of the Appropriations Committee seriously. Since my time as governor, I have made sure that our state has a track record of working … Continue Reading

December 23, 2019

Promise Delivered To Our Miners | Charleston Gazette-Mail

by Senator Joe Manchin

Last week, after four long years of uncertainty, Congress came together to permanently secure health care and pensions for our nation's coal miners. With an end-of-the-year deadline looming, Congress had to act to save the health care and pensions of nearly 100,000 coal miners and their families who were going into this holiday season fearing the benefits they earned would be gutted. But Congress did its job, and kept the promise made to our coal miners by including the Bipartisan … Continue Reading

November 27, 2019

Americans Must Not Forget To Be Grateful For Blessings | The Montgomery Herald

by Senator Joe Manchin

As we gather around the dinner table this Thanksgiving, it is important for us to reflect on the great blessings we share as West Virginians and Americans. It is easy to forget how blessed we are to live in a country with the greatest liberties and freedoms in the world, but Thanksgiving is the one day each year that the entire American "family" gathers together to give thanks for the blessings we enjoy. Year after year, we come together no matter what is happening in the life of our country - … Continue Reading

November 19, 2019

3 Senators: We're Ready To Resume Bipartisan Gun Background Check Talks With Trump Anytime | USA Today

by Senators Joe Manchin, Chris Murphy and Pat Toomey

There is no escaping gun violence in America. In the sleepy hamlet of Sandy Hook, Connecticut, a disturbed young man needed only five minutes to murder 20 first-graders and six educators. In Philadelphia, this year is on track to end with the city suffering more homicides, most of them perpetrated with a gun, than any other year in the past decade. In rural West Virginia, suicides are on the rise, with the firearm as the common method of choice. In under a week, we've seen shootings in Santa … Continue Reading

November 10, 2019

We Must Remember To Thank Our Military Men And Women | The Exponent Telegram

by Senator Joe Manchin

West Virginia is one of the most patriotic states in this great nation. During my time in the U.S. Senate, it has been my greatest honor to serve those who have served, and celebrate veterans and all they have given for our freedom. Whenever I travel across our state and speak at schools and community events, I always ask how many people have a family member who served or is serving in our Armed Forces. Nearly every hand always goes up - because service to our country is part of who we … Continue Reading

October 31, 2019

ARC Vital To West Virginia's Future | Charleston Gazette-Mail

by Senator Joe Manchin

Since the time I was a young boy growing up in Farmington, I have always known that West Virginians are the hardest working people in America. We have done the heavy lifting that has made our country the strongest in the world. Whether working in the mines or at one of our new technology companies, we are proud of our hard work and dedication to our country. First and foremost on the minds of many West Virginians is the strength of our economy and the ability for men and women to find job … Continue Reading

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