December 03, 2020

Manchin Applauds Administration Decision To Extend Title 32 Orders For National Guard COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Charleston, WV – Today, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) applauded the Trump Administration’s decision to extend the National Guard Title 32 502(f) orders through March 2021 for COVID-19 pandemic response across the United States and West Virginia. Since March, National Guard units in West Virginia have supported response to help West Virginians, from distributing much-needed food supplies, to running remote testing locations, and assisting as needed across the state.

“Our National Guardsmen and women have continued to serve our nation during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping distribute vital supplies and supporting our front line workers across West Virginia and the United States. I am pleased President Trump heeded our calls to extend the Title 32 orders for our servicemembers on the front lines of this terrible pandemic,” said Senator Manchin. “Although this is a step in the right direction to ensuring our servicemembers have the support they need while on the front lines, I urge President Trump to also support my bipartisan, bicameral bill, the Support Our National Guard Act, which ensures transitional healthcare benefits for our servicemembers after they complete their service. Our servicemembers deserve to be taken care of during and after their service to our nation and my bill would do just that. I applaud today’s announcement and will continue to advocate for our men and women on the front lines of this pandemic.”

In August, Senator Manchin urged the Trump Administration to restore full funding for the National Guard COVID-19 pandemic response. In May, Senator Manchin successfully advocated for the extension of Title 32 orders through mid-August and introduced the Support Our National Guard Act, a bill to provide transitional healthcare benefits to National Guard servicemembers who have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic under Title 32 502(f) orders.