June 05, 2021

Manchin, Energy Secretary Granholm Tour Three West Virginia Energy Facilities

Morgantown, WV – Today, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) and U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm toured the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) in Morgantown, the National Research Center for Coal and Energy (NRCCE) at West Virginia University, and the American Consolidated Natural Resources Mine in Harrison County.

“Secretary Granholm and I spent the day touring three energy sector facilities in Morgantown and Harrison County, which highlight the impact of West Virginia and the potential for our state to grow in the changing energy market,” said Senator Manchin. “Throughout the tours today, we were reminded of West Virginia’s important role in the national energy economy. At NETL we heard from West Virginia stakeholders about CCUS efforts and toured their state of the art facility based in Morgantown. The WVU Energy Institute showcased multiple energy sector projects from across the state and received a demonstration from the WVU Rare Earth Elements Project Lab. And we announced $6 million from DOE for two projects that will expand West Virginia’s footprint in the energy industry. We wrapped up the visit by touring the American Consolidated Natural Resources Harrison County Underground Coal Mine. And I was even able to give the Secretary a tour of my hometown, Farmington West Virginia. I’m pleased that we were able to show Secretary Granholm the promise and potential of West Virginia’s energy industry, and I look forward to her returning to the Mountain State again soon.”

“From the last two days touring West Virginia with my friend, Senator Joe Manchin, I’ve been bowled over by the resolve of this state to seize the energy opportunity ahead and the eagerness to lead the country’s clean energy industries,” Secretary Granholm said. “West Virginia is primed to help build this country’s clean energy future, and once we pass the American Jobs Plan, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work.”

“As always it was such a great honor to host Senator Manchin and Secretary Granholm at NETL to showcase the great work that we do in the carbon management value chain as well as the interagency working group on communities and economic revitalization with the ability to provide impact into communities across the country,” said Brian Anderson, NETL Director and Executive Director of the Interagency Working Group (IWG) on Coal and Power Plant Communities and Economic Revitalization.

"As a top-tier research university, we are fortunate to have the continued support of Sen. Manchin and our congressional delegation in addressing the world's most critical issues," West Virginia University Vice President of Research Fred King said. "Energy research remains one of the anchors of the University's research profile as we strive for novel, cost-effective strategies to fuel the nation. Government, industry and individual supporters of WVU have shown that they depend on us for piecing together the puzzle."

“I am honored that Senator Manchin, Secretary Granholm, and UMWA President Cecil Roberts visited our Harrison County underground mine today and saw firsthand the impact of coal mining for West Virginians and the American energy market. Their visit showcased the importance and necessity of coal mining for American energy markets, and that our industry will be needed for decades to come during this changing energy transition. I look forward to working with both Senator Manchin and Secretary Granholm going forward to ensure the coal mining industry continues to play our vital role in the American energy sector,” said Rob Moore, President and Chief Executive Officer of American Consolidated Natural Resources, Inc.

Background information on each facility:

NETL plays a key role in rare earth and critical mineral research, particularly extracting those key elements from coal and coal byproducts. NETL is the Department of Energy’s only Government-Owned, Government-Operated (GOGO) Laboratory and was originally founded as part of a war-time effort during World War II to develop processes for producing synthesis gas from coal. NETL is home to the Joule 2.0 supercomputer which is the 23rd fastest supercomputer in the United States and 52nd in the world. As of 2018, NETL employed 517 people on their Morgantown campus and was responsible for 1,055 total direct and indirect jobs in the state. NETL had a total estimated impact of $150 million on West Virginia’s economy in 2018.

The West Virginia University Energy Institute, housed within the National Research Center for Coal and Energy (NRCCE), coordinates energy research for the University and works with stakeholders within the University, across the state and region, and globally to help stimulate energy and environmental economic development in West Virginia. WVU has received over $95 million in new funding from DOE over the past ten years.

American Consolidated Natural Resources (ACNR) is the country's fourth largest coal producer and the largest privately held coal firm. ACNR’s Harrison County Coal Resources, Inc. employs approximately 500 UMWA coal miners. Its operations include: Camp Run Portal, Margaret Portal, Harrison County Coal Preparation Plant, and its Northern West Virginia Operations Center, in Monongah, WV. 

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