July 09, 2019


Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) today joined his colleagues on the Senate floor to urge the Senate to pass his resolution to allow the Senate Legal Counsel to defend West Virginians and Americans with pre-existing conditions in the Texas v. United States lawsuit. Last year a federal judge in Texas ruled that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is unconstitutional. Today the defending and prosecuting teams will begin advocating their case regarding the appeal of the Texas v. U.S. case before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. The outcome of this case could cause nearly 800,000 West Virginians and millions of Americans who have pre-existing conditions to lose their health insurance.

“Twenty Republican Attorneys General, including West Virginia’s Attorney General, want to give insurance companies the power to once again deny health insurance to nearly 800,000 West Virginians with pre-existing conditions. The Department of Justice has refused to defend the existing law, people with cancer, heart disease, asthma, diabetes, substance use disorder, or pregnant women, but I have a resolution that will defend West Virginians and Americans with pre-existing conditions from this inhumane lawsuit,” said Senator Manchin.   

Senator Manchin also shared the story of a six year old cancer survivor, Aiden and the need for the Senate to protect West Virginians and Americans with pre-existing conditions from losing their healthcare.

“Aiden is a 6-year-old cancer survivor from West Virginia. At 9 months old, he was diagnosed with an optic glioma and underwent chemotherapy for 16 months. At 2 years old, he was in remission. Aiden continues to get MRIs every 3-6 months and there is a high chance of reoccurrence of other tumors in his body due to his condition. Kids like Aiden fought and beat cancer. They shouldn’t have to also fight to keep their health insurance,” said Senator Manchin.

To watch a video of Senator Manchin’s floor remarks, please click here.