October 04, 2012

Manchin, Rockefeller Meet With NSA and Navy as Part of Continued Efforts to Maintain Sugar Grove Facility

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Senators Jay Rockefeller and Joe Manchin announced that last week they coordinated a meeting with officials from the National Security Agency (NSA) and Navy to discuss the importance of maintaining the National Information Operations Command at Sugar Grove and keeping jobs at the facility in Pendleton Country.

In July, NSA announced its intent to downsize the mission of the 330-person Sugar Grove operation as a result of a NSA-wide realignment of personnel and resources.  Rockefeller has been working with United States Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Cater to protect jobs and maintain infrastructure in the community, and to get more clarity about the potential downsizing.  

“At last week’s meeting with NSA and Navy, our offices requested that the Defense Department visit the Sugar Grove facility so that military officials can get a firsthand account of the importance of this facility to the local, regional, and state economy – as well as to our national defense,” said Rockefeller.  “I realize the tight budgets that everyone faces right now, but the dedicated West Virginians who work at Sugar Grove have been helping to keep our country safe for decades.  I will continue to fight for them.”

“I've seen the work at Sugar Grove, and there is no question that this facility provides essential resources for our military and national security, along with the community,” said Manchin.  “I have been in direct contact with the Secretary of the Navy and I will continue to work with the highest levels of our military and national security leadership to make sure that Sugar Grove remains a vital part of America’s defense.”