December 17, 2011

Manchin Statement on Senate Passage of Annual Funding Measure

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) issued the following statement today after the Senate passed an appropriations package that will fund the government through the end of September 2012. 

 “Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate have started down the difficult road of cutting back on government spending while making sure that government can perform its vital functions, from paying our troops to building our roads to protecting our homeland to being prepared to handle disasters,” Senator Manchin said. “We cut $234 billion from last year’s federal budget and we made those cuts while protecting those who matter most – our seniors, our veterans, our children, and all our hard-working families who expect their government to work as hard as they do. As we work for bipartisan solutions to the major challenges our nation faces, I believe that in addition to spending cuts, we must enact meaningful tax reform that ensures everyone is paying their fair share, as well as eliminate waste, fraud and abuse. I will continue to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to achieve the balance that West Virginians expect from me and that the American people expect from their leaders.”

“Today’s vote also reminds me of how much Washington still needs to change so we can better serve the people of this great nation. As Governor of West Virginia, putting together budgets and living within our means was always the regular order of business. But in Washington, as I have learned, partisan politics too often stands in the way of this critical and basic responsibility. Looking ahead, I hope we will work in a bipartisan manner to embrace the goals the American people sent us here to accomplish: put our fiscal house in order, create jobs and turn this economy around.”


The 2012 omnibus bill provides for federal spending of $1.043 trillion, which is $234 billion less than the $1.277 trillion spent in 2011. The bill passed the Senate 67-32 and earlier Friday passed the House 296-121.