May 31, 2013

Manchin Tours Sugar Grove

Manchin and Department of Defense leadership work together to find a new mission for Sugar Grove

Washington, D.C. – After several delays due to inclement weather, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and senior leadership from the Navy, Army, Air Force and West Virginia National Guard toured the Sugar Grove facility today to discuss efforts at finding a new tenant for the base. Senator Manchin and Senator Rockefeller have been working with Navy and Department of Defense leadership to find a new military mission for the high-tech communications site. 

“There is no question that Sugar Grove has provided essential resources for our military and national security for more than five decades, especially in our fight against terrorism,” Senator Manchin said. “I am pleased that leadership from each of the military services, along with our West Virginia National Guard, toured this fine facility today. Although the mission at the world-class facility is changing, the base and its capabilities are still available for military operations. I am encouraged by the efforts of Commander Kramer and military leadership to find a tenant that makes sure Sugar Grove will continue to serve a vital part of America’s defense.”

“I thank Senator Manchin and Senator Rockefeller for their continued interest and hard work to ensure the process to find a future use for the base continues moving forward,” said Commander Bill Kramer, Commanding Officer of Navy Information Operations Command (NIOC) Sugar Grove. “This visit from Senator Manchin and the principal staffs of Senator Rockefeller and the services is a positive step toward determining the future for the base.”


  • Sugar Grove jobs provide good-paying wages and benefits, which greatly improve the lives of West Virginians in Pendleton County and the surrounding areas.
  • Sugar Grove base significantly contributes to local emergency services, especially firefighter services and emergency medical aid in the region. 
  • Sugar Grove has made a significant, positive impact on local schools. For example, 51 of the 140 students at nearby Brandywine Elementary School have a family member working at the base.