February 05, 2019

Office Manager,The Rheumatology Group-South Charleston

We are seeking a well qualified office manager for a busy three physician medical practice. We are looking for an energetic, flexible, self motivated individual to manage our practice with approximately 20 employees. A medical background is desirable but is not absolutely necessary. Responsibilities include overseeing H.R. including payroll, vacations, and the day to day management of staff. Implimentation of all office policies/ proceedures will be needed on a regular basis. Business savvy with a working knowledge of balancing budgets and overseeing expenditures is a must have requirement. Keeping up with ongoing changes in health care rules & regulations, and keeping the office in compliance is a big part of this job.

In addition , this job requires extensive interaction with various vendors, insurance companies, and government entities. Negotiating contracts, overseeing medical billing (and collections) is a must. Good interpersonal skills are also necessary, as the manager will be called upon to handle various patient (and staff) issues that may arise. A working knowledge of E.M.R. systems is desirable as is comfort working with available technology.

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