January 11, 2019

Rural Carr Associate, United States Postal Service - Pennsboro

Duties and Responsibilities

Sorts mail in delivery sequence for the assigned route.

Receives and signs for accountable mail.

Loads mail in vehicle.

Delivers mail to customers along a prescribed route and on a regular schedule by a vehicle; collects monies and receipts for accountable mail; picks up mail from customers' roadside boxes.

Sells stamps, stamped paper and money orders; accepts C.O.D., registered, certified, and insured mail and parcel post; furnishes routine information concerning postal matters and provides requested forms to customer.

Returns mail collected, undeliverable mail, and submits monies and receipts to post office.

Prepares mail for forwarding amd maintains records of change of address information.

Prepares a daily trip report and maintains a list of the customers on the route.

Conducts special surveys when required.

Maintains an inventory of stamps and stamped paper as needed to provide service to customers on the route.

Provides for mail security at all times.

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