November 24, 2010

Senator Manchin Votes to Move Forward on Equal Pay in the Workplace

First Vote as a U.S. Senator is on Workplace Fairness

Washington, D.C.—Senator Joe Manchin today took his first vote as a U.S. Senator to allow the Senate to move forward on a workplace fairness bill for equal pay for equal work, so that he would have an opportunity to give input and protect small businesses.

“This is an important issue because women and men deserve equal pay for equal work. We need to move forward with this bill so that we can amend it further and make it better. We can accomplish the goals of pay equity and fairness, but we must make sure that this does not hurt the ability of our small businesses to compete in the marketplace.  The Senate needs to debate these measures, and I want to add my voice to that debate to do what is best for West Virginia and the American people.”

This was Senator Manchin’s first vote in the U.S. Senate after only two days on the job. In addition, a vote was taken on proceeding to the bipartisan Food Safety Legislation, which passed by a vote of 74 to 25. Senator Manchin voted to move the bill forward to address the importance of the safety of our nation’s food supply and to work with colleagues to address any remaining concerns with the bill.