September 02, 2011

Water Infrastructure Investment in Delbarton Leads to Economic Development

Washington D.C. – In a boost for the economy in Mingo County, U.S. Representative Nick Rahall (D-W.Va.), along with Senators Jay Rockefeller and Joe Manchin (both D-W.Va.), Friday announced nearly $10 million for improvements at the Delbarton Wastewater Treatment Plant and an extension of sewer services in Delbarton. 

“With this investment in clean water infrastructure, we can help to improve the quality of life for the residents of Delbarton and add to the basic infrastructure needed for economic growth,” said Rahall, who serves as the top Democrat on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. “Today, the 579 citizens of Delbarton and others in the outlying areas can see their tax dollars being put to work, right in their own community, to help create jobs and improve the outlook for this area’s future.” 

“It’s so important that we make sure our state’s infrastructure is modern and functioning efficiently and safely, especially in rural areas,” Rockefeller said. “This is a smart investment in Delbarton’s future, and I’m happy to support it.”

“This substantial investment in Delbarton’s wastewater treatment is just the kind of expenditure that will attract residents and businesses to the area, spur economic development, and improve the quality of life for families living in Mercer County,” Senator Manchin said. “Providing safe and reliable sewer service to places in our rural communities with high need is just one way we can ensure we are dedicating our precious resources – financial and otherwise – toward strengthening our infrastructure and rebuilding America.”  

“This project insures the continued growth of this town, community and county,” said Mayor John Preece. “It is the ‘anchor project’ that will enable proper wastewater treatment for our current and future residents as well as allowing for economic growth and development.  We are ecstatic over this project.” 

The deterioration in the 37-year old Delbarton Wastewater Treatment Plant and sewer collection system has contributed to the overloading of the treatment plant during excessive flows, which sometimes leads to the diversion of wastewater into local streams with minimal treatment.  Funding will be used to install more than 6 miles of sewer pipe, 187 manholes, 17 grinder pumping stations, and improve efficiency at the treatment facility and water treatment processes.   

The improvements will supply sanitary sewer services to 76 new customers who are currently on septic systems, and enhance services for 373 existing customers in Delbarton.  The upgrades will also expand capacity to reach the planned Mingo County Airport and more residents in the future, laying the groundwork for economic development for the Town of Delbarton which has experienced a population increase of almost 20 percent over the last decade.  

Delbarton will receive $9.5 million from a combination of federal and state sources:  $1.5 million from an Appalachian Regional Commission grant; $1.4 million from the Environmental Protection Agency’s State Tribal Assistant Grants program; $1.5 million from West Virginia’s Small Cities Block Grant program; and $5.1 million in loans from the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.