Help Sen. Manchin Fight For Broadband In West Virginia

In 1935, Franklin Delano Roosevelt created the rural electrification program to bring electricity to communities across America. Today, the fight to bring reliable broadband to rural communities across the nation is just as important. Without access to the internet, citizens can’t learn, apply for jobs, launch new businesses, or become members of society who can give back to their communities. The sad fact is that many places in West Virginia simply do not have access to reliable broadband and the lack of access affects West Virginians every day. Back in 2015, the FCC released a coverage map that stated 99.9% of Americans had wireless coverage. I knew then what I know now: That is just plain wrong.


That’s why I’m asking all West Virginians to submit your internet speed-tests, so we can prove to the FCC that our broadband coverage is well below the stated coverage. So far, your efforts have helped the FCC acknowledge that our providers are overstating their coverage, but we must continue to show where and how widespread the lack of broadband coverage is in West Virginia.


Once considered a luxury, access to the internet has now become a critical lifeline to society and the future of our economy. We need to ensure that all Americans, no matter their area code, have access to a high-speed, reliable internet connection. As your United States Senator, I won’t stop fighting until all West Virginians have reliable, fast broadband in their homes, schools, hospitals, businesses, tourist attractions or anywhere internet is essential.

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