Infrastructure & Jobs

Senator Manchin believes that rebuilding America and investing in the next generation of infrastructure is not a Democratic ideal or a Republican ideal, it’s an American ideal. By choosing to focus on our needs here at home – on roads, bridges, airports, pipelines and broadband in every state – we will not only create jobs, but we will strengthen the very economic foundation of this nation that our people and our businesses rely on to thrive.  

Senator Manchin recognizes the importance of delivering affordable, reliable broadband access to every corner of West Virginia. This digital divide prevents students from learning at home and makes it harder for our small businesses to grow and create jobs. Senator Manchin is focused on closing the digital divide to ensure every West Virginian has access to the technological resources they need to succeed in a 21st century economy.

Senator Manchin has hosted more than 20 job fairs across the state with thousands of West Virginians in attendance to help link West Virginians looking for employment with jobs. Senator Manchin understands how hard the people of the Mountain State work and that given the opportunity, nobody works harder than a West Virginian.