Storm Information Center

   Senator Manchin Urges West Virginians to Prepare for Severe Weather


Information from FEMA available here:

If you or someone you know may be impacted by the storm, here are a few things to do to get ready:

  • Get some extra cash out at the ATM today. If the power goes out, banks/ATMs may be offline for some time.
  • Make a plan for how you'll keep your cell phone charged if you lose power for several days. Picking up a solar or hand-crank charger for your phone is a good idea.
  • Take steps to protect your home/business from high winds ¬ cover windows, clean gutters, trim trees.
  • Get to the store today for emergency supplies such as water, nonperishable food, batteries, flashlight, etc.
  • Make sure you have what you need in case the power goes out and cold weather moves in. Double check that you have a safe, warm place you can go, blankets in your home/car, and winter items like snow shovels and rock salt.

Employers: make sure your employees are prepared and review your continuity and tele-work plans.



For information about electric outages:

Northern/Central/Eastern WV

   First Energy

Southern WV

   Appalachian Power

  Website of the Governor of West Virginia
Local issues may also be reported to the Governor's office at 304-558-2000.