November 21, 2013

Manchin responds to first-grader’s plea | Charleston Daily Mail

A West Virginia first-grader got to take a break from school this week — thanks to a little political clout.

Sophie Mullins, a student at Gauley River Elementary School in Craigsville, got a call from Sen. Joe Manchin on Wednesday, after writing the senator a letter in which she told him that all she does is “work, work, work.”

“I need a break,” Sophie wrote to the senator. “Can you please help?”

Manchin responded by calling Sophie at school on Wednesday.

“I’m giving you a break right now, that’s why I called you,” Manchin told Sophie in a video of the call Manchin’s office posted online Wednesday. “I wanted you to take a little bit of time off because you work so hard.”

He doesn’t let the student off that easy, though. He takes the opportunity to lecture her a little on the value of hard work.

“If you work hard it’s going to pay off, you’re going to get smarter aren’t you?” Manchin says.

“Yes,” Sophie answers confidently.

“And that’s good isn’t it?” Manchin says.

“So you just keep working hard on your studies so you get smarter so you can help us.”

They wrap up the call with Sophie telling the senator that she’d like her dad to bring her to Washington, DC, for a trip, and Manchin telling her that if he does, she should be sure to come visit him at the Capitol.  

By:  Shay Maunz