September 25, 2014

Manchin Talks With WVSU Students About Foreign Policy | WCHS Online

United States Senator Joe Manchin talks to West Virginia State University students and their professors about America's conflict with middle eastern terrorists.

Manchin supports air strikes to cripple ISIS training and weapons areas, but he strongly opposes sending American troops back to the region to engage the extremists on the ground, or train and equip Syrian rebels.

Students say hearing his up-to-the minute message on foreign policy was very educational.
"The text has to be so very general," Matthew LaGrange from Charleston said. "Obviously, there was no ISIL or ISIS when they wrote the text. So, we have to discuss in generalities what congress does, what senators do, representatives do. In this case its better than CNN because I can ask him whatever."

In addition to lecturing, Manchin took questions from the students. He wanted to gauge their feelings on U-S military involvement in the middle east and how the country should move forward in the region.

"It reaffirmed the things that I've thought," Manchin said. "In West Virginia that they don't believe we should be arming, or we should be training or have a presence, a western presence in that part of the world. We tried it, didn't work, unless the people that live there, the Arab and Muslim world want to clean up their neighborhood."

By:  Kennie Bass