January 10, 2014


Flushing will commence by zones. Click here to review the procedure for flushing out the system and check for your zone: http://bit.ly/1eDz00P

If you have specific questions about the flushing procedure, please call WV American Water at their toll-free hotline 1-855-390-4569 or read through these detailed instrictions. http://bit.ly/1a2DSxk

Please do not begin the flushing process until the "Do Not Use" order is lifted for your zone.

To read my statement on federal response to water contamination, click here.

URGENT: A federal emergency disaster has been declared for the counties of Boone, Clay, Jackson, Kanawha, Lincoln, Logan, Putnam, Roane and Cabell. Citizens are urged NOT to drink, boil, wash, clean, bathe and give to pets; only for sanitation and fire protection. Those counties water supplies may have been affected by a chemical spill.

If are in need immediate assistance, please contact one of my offices:

Charleston: 304-342-5855

Martinsburg: 304-264-4626

Morgantown: 304-284-8663

Washington, D.C.: 202-224-3954

If you are elderly, disabled or ill and cannot access water, please call the Emergency Operations Center at 304-746-8828 for assistance.


County Emergency Services:


County emergency service offices:

Boone County – 304 369-9913

Cabell County – 304 743-5391

Clay County – 304 587-2019

Jackson County – 304 373-2208 or 304 372-2000

Kanawha County – 304 744-6843

Lincoln County – 304 824-3443

Logan County – 304 752-7662 or 304 752-8817 or Sharples VFD 304-369-2630

Putnam County – 304 586-0246

Roane County – 304 927-0911

Information from FEMA available here: http://www.fema.gov/

UPDATED: Water filling and distribution centers available:

Kanawha County

Charleston Fire Department, Station 1, Morris Street

Charleston Fire Department, Station 2, 800 block West Washington Street

Charleston Fire Department, Station 8, at Orchard Manor

Riverside High School

Gestamp plant, South Charleston

Hansford Senior Center, St. Albans

Cedar Grove Volunteer Fire Department

East Bank Volunteer Fire Department

Handley City Hall

Chesapeake Volunteer Fire Department

Marmet Town Hall

Sissonville Fire Department

Clendenin Fire Department

St. Albans Fire Department, Westside Station

Nitro Fire Department

Tyler Mountain Volunteer Fire Department

Pratt Volunteer Fire Department

Belle Volunteer Fire Department

Glasgow Volunteer Fire Department

Malden Volunteer Fire Department

Putnam County

The old Buffalo High School

911 center in Winfield (behind the courthouse)

Putnam Career and Technical Center, Eleanor

Route 34 Volunteer Fire Department

Poca High School

Fraziers Bottom Fire Station

Hurricane Fire Department

Teays Valley Fire Department

Boone County

Danville Volunteer Fire Department

Madison Volunteer Fire Department

Morrisville Volunteer Fire Department, Woodville substation

Racine Volunteer Fire Department

Spruce River Volunteer Fire Department

Van Volunteer Fire Department

Wharton Barrett Volunteer Fire Department

Orgas Community Center

Clay County

H.E. White Elementary School

Jackson County

Kenna Volunteer Fire Department

Kenna Elementary School

Fairplain Elementary School

Ripley Volunteer Fire Department

Lincoln County

Duval Volunteer Fire Department

Hamlin Volunteer Fire Department

West Hamlin Volunteer Fire Department

Lincoln Primary Care Center

Logan County

Sharples Volunteer Fire Department

Roane County

Walton Fire House