March 07, 2023

ICYMI: WV Newspaper Praises Manchin's Bipartisan Work to Address our National Debt

“It is time to fix this nation’s debt crisis. And Manchin has carved out a course of action that is more than just words.”

Washington, DC – Today, the Preston News & Journal newspaper in Kingwood, West Virginia praised U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) for his bipartisan work to address the national debt, pass a balanced budget on time, and implement a balanced energy policy in an editorial titled “An American Problem.”
The editorial can be read in full below or here.
On a day that the U.S. Senate continued the tradition of reading President George Washington’s farewell address, U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., seized upon the moment to remind President Joe Biden and fellow lawmakers of some sage advice from Washington that has for too long fallen on deaf ears in Washington.
“Washington warned of the dangers of putting the will of a political party ahead of the will of the nation. Washington warned against the accumulation of debt and encouraged us to ‘cherish public credit… as a very important source of strength and security,’” Manchin said.
“And yet — here we are today — watching party politics and out of control spending threaten the very foundation of our great nation. This is exactly what George Washington got so right 227 years ago, and what is so wrong with Washington today, and what the American people are so sick and tired of. The American people have had enough of the accounting gimmicks and budgetary games we play in Congress. It’s gotta stop!”
Manchin, who has long argued for fiscal responsibility, as well as a sound national energy policy as critical steps to true national security, drove the point further with his floor speech.
He laid out the facts that show that federal spending has increased 80% in 10 years, from $3.5 trillion to $6.2.
Even more damaging is the fact that “We have been spending more than we bring in every year for the last 21 years. And the debt that has resulted from it is absolutely crippling,” Manchin said.
That debt — $31.46 trillion of public debt — is equal to $94,000 per person. The U.S. will owe more than $600 billion in interest, Manchin added.
“How can anyone with a straight face deny that we have a problem?” Manchin asked, before imploring his colleagues to make a difference.
“It doesn’t have to be this way. The American people deserve better than this. Our debt isn’t a Republican problem or a Democratic problem. It is an American problem, and only as we start putting our country first and acting as Americans can we fix it.”
There is little doubt that Manchin probably irritated a few lawmakers and presidents, past and present, as he laid out how they have continued to spend and spend.
“My Democratic friends don’t want to say a word about our out-of-control spending and are outright refusing to even talk to Republicans about reasonable, responsible reforms. They want to pass a ‘clean’ debt ceiling bill without a commitment to fix anything.
“My Republican friends refuse to offer any specifics, and some have recklessly threatened default, which is something that absolutely has to be off the table. We will never solve this problem by each party running in the opposite direction. We will only be able to change course by coming together, embracing common sense, and finding common ground.”
Manchin said the first step to fix the problem begins with the president and Congress actually agreeing to a budget, which is already more than a month overdue.
“If we don’t pass a budget, we — as elected leaders, from the president all the way down — should not get paid. Period. The American people do not get paid for not doing their job, and neither should their elected leaders.”
Manchin then laid out a timeline in which Congress should act to get the job done, before calling on senators, representatives and the president to move forward with a clear vision of what American should be.
“Now you tell me — think about our children and grandchildren — what kind of future are we making for them?
“Our national debt weakens our economy; it weakens our national security; it weakens the trust Americans have in their government; and it weakens our role in the world. Fortunately, we still have time this year to prevent this catastrophic financial forecast.”
He again emphasized the danger to America’s very existence if the debit issue isn’t addressed.
“… From President Washington 227 years ago to a more modern-day warning from our then-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen in 2011. Admiral Mullen was testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee and he was asked about the greatest threat facing our nation. Without skipping a beat, Admiral Mullen said, it was our national debt.
“... Just like the warning of our Founding Father in his farewell address, those words are even truer now than they were then.
“If you love your children…and if you love this country…you’ll stop the madness and start acting reasonably and responsibly to get our government’s financial house in order. The partisan politics can wait, the looming debt crisis cannot.”
Manchin probably put into words what many West Virginians — and Americans — are thinking each and every time they hear about government spending largesse and every time tax season comes around.
It is time to fix this nation’s debt crisis. And Manchin has carved out a course of action that is more than just words.
It was a well-timed speech with clear vision and direction — some would say even presidential in nature.

It is time more leaders in Washington start to listen and move this country forward.