May 22, 2015

Manchin and Scott Launch Prescription Drug Abuse Caucus

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Tim Scott (R-SC) today launched the Prescription Drug Abuse Caucus in an effort to raise awareness and show that the United States Senate is serious about helping the millions of American families whose lives have been torn apart by prescription drug abuse. With 17,000 Americans losing their lives to prescription opioid overdoses every year – or 46 Americans every day – Senators Manchin and Scott believe America must refocus its priorities to fight prescription drug abuse.

“Our state and our entire nation have truly reached a crisis point, and ignoring the problem is simply unacceptable,” Senator Manchin said. “We have a responsibility– especially to our children – to stop the scourge of prescription drug abuse. Far too many Americans have been affected by this growing epidemic, far too many families have been torn apart, and far too many lives have been lost. We must go after this problem from every angle – family assistance, counseling programs, consumer and medical education, law enforcement support, state and federal legislation – and today, the United States Senate joins the fight in one more capacity. I have made a promise to the people of West Virginia and to the American people that I will do everything I can to beat this epidemic, save hundreds of thousands of lives, and help those recovering return to the lives they once enjoyed, drug-free.”

“Prescription drug abuse has devastating effects on thousands of families across our nation,” Senator Scott said. “This is a problem we must tackle from every angle, and I look forward to working with Senator Manchin and our colleagues in the Senate to find solutions and save lives.”

Prescription Drug Abuse Caucus – Mission Statement

The Senate Caucus on Prescription Drug Abuse is a bipartisan effort to raise awareness about the significant harms of prescription drug abuse. With 46 Americans dying every day from an overdose on prescription opioids, the US Senate must act. The members of this Caucus will work together and with stakeholders toward innovative and effective policy solutions that address prevention, treatment, and more to help every community overcome this devastating problem.