June 07, 2023

Manchin Announces $911K for Three Research Projects at West Virginia University

Washington, DC – Today, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin, member of the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee, announced $911,095 from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for three research projects at West Virginia University (WVU). The funding will support vital research into the safety of water distribution pipes, evolutionary history and the scientific properties of Earth’s radiation belts.

“West Virginia University continues to make our state proud with cutting-edge research projects that create new knowledge in the fields of science, history, technology and so much more,” said Senator Manchin. “I’m pleased the National Science Foundation is supporting our hardworking students, faculty and staff involved with these three critical initiatives, which will advance our understanding of safe drinking water infrastructure, evolutionary history and radiation belts. As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I will continue advocating for resources to support research projects and our universities across the Mountain State.”

Individual awards listed below:

  • $505,784 – West Virginia University: Elucidating Hydrodynamic Drivers of Microbial Water Quality in Drinking Water Distribution Systems
    • This research project will examine the growth of biofilms on the surfaces of water distribution pipes to better ensure the safety of drinking water as it travels from treatment plants to points of consumption.
  • $286,418 – West Virginia University: Paleozoic Echinoderms as Model Systems for the Study of Evolutionary Modes
    • This research project will examine evolutionary history through a wide variety of fossil records and museum data.
  • $118,893 – West Virginia University: Quantifying the Contribution of Off-Equatorial Ultra-Low Frequency (ULF) Waves on Radial Diffusion in the Radiation Belts
    • This research project will examine radial diffusion and the transport of energetic electrons in Earth's radiation belts.