April 10, 2019

Manchin Applauds Administration's Latest Recognition Of The Role Appalachia Will Play In America's Energy Future, Thanks Secretary Perry For Moving Appalachian Storage Hub Forward

Washington, D.C. Today, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) applauded President Trump and Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry for their ongoing support for the Appalachian Storage Hub. The President signed an executive order that recognizes the importance of Appalachia to our nation’s energy future. Following that announcement, Senator Manchin thanked Secretary Perry for his ongoing leadership on moving the storage hub forward and understanding how impactful it would be for Appalachia and West Virginia.  At the invitation of Senator Manchin, Secretary Perry visited West Virginia in July 2017, where he saw firsthand how West Virginia powers our nation, as well as the importance of cultivating innovative infrastructure systems for natural gas.  

“After talking with Secretary Perry this week and after today’s executive order, I am more confident than ever that the Administration is serious about being a partner in helping us develop the Appalachian Storage Hub. Since 2017, I have been working with the Administration and Secretary Perry to make sure they understood the positive economic impact and the potential energy security an Appalachian Storage Hub will bring to West Virginia and the country. I have long said that the Appalachian Storage Hub is a vital project that will help us capitalize on our state and region's abundant natural resources, growing infrastructure and innovative spirit. This storage hub will create jobs and develop our economy by attracting significant manufacturing and related investment to West Virginia and our neighboring states.  It will also be vital in helping to secure our energy future by providing a reliable affordable supply of natural gas liquids. I look forward to continuing to work with the Department of Energy and regional stakeholders to make the Appalachian Storage Hub a reality,” Senator Manchin said. 

Read Senator Manchin’s letter to Secretary Perry below or click here

Dear Secretary Perry:

I am writing to highlight the important work that the Department of Energy is doing under your guidance in support of a regional natural gas liquids (NGL) storage hub for Appalachia.  Your ongoing leadership is a testament to your recognition of the importance of an Appalachian Storage Hub for our nation’s energy and economic security.

I was particularly pleased to see the President’s Executive Order released today included an examination of the Appalachia region as a prime candidate for economic development in our nation’s petrochemical sector.  Regional projects like an NGL storage hub are critical to ensuring investment in our nation’s energy and manufacturing future – and, most importantly, that Appalachia can play a major role in securing our nation’s energy dominance.  

It is evident that a regional NGL storage hub serves the nation well.  West Virginia and its neighboring states are well positioned to serve as the location of a petrochemical manufacturing hub due to the region’s abundant resources of natural gas liquids in the Marcellus and Utica shale formations.  The construction of a hub, the associated infrastructure, and ethylene/polyethylene facilities will attract sorely needed economic activity to this undeserved part of the country, which continues to suffer from high unemployment as a result of the downtown in energy and manufacturing production.

Furthermore, you and I have discussed at length the extreme weather events that continue to damage and cause outages to the Gulf’s petrochemical industry.   A regional hub in Appalachia offers a back-up to the Gulf during hurricanes and flooding so that our nation can maintain a secure supply of materials during these damaging events.  So, in addition to economic development and job creation, an Appalachian Storage Hub offers reliability for our domestic industries dependent on ethane and other natural gas liquids. 

I would also note that I recently introduced S. 1064, the Appalachian Energy for National Security Act of 2019, which would require the Department of Energy to conduct a study and issue a report on the national security benefits of an Appalachian Storage Hub.  In addition to ensuring the region is prepared to responsibly develop the needed infrastructure for a hub, we must also be sure to preserve the national security benefits of these voluminous resources and economic opportunities for the United States.  

I applaud your work on the storage hub, and the Department of Energy’s contributions to today’s Executive Order.  I look forward to our continued discussions regarding this critical regional project.