March 26, 2015

Manchin Introduces Two Amendments to Help Curb Meth Abuse and Support Cleaner Fossil Energy

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) today introduced two amendments to the Senate budget that would directly affect the future of West Virginia families, communities and jobs by addressing meth abuse and developing advanced clean fossil research and technology.
Senator Manchin’s first amendment would create a reserve fund, at no additional cost to the taxpayer, to address methamphetamine abuse. The Senate Budget Committee already passed an amendment to increase investments in reducing prescription drug and heroin abuse. Senator Manchin’s amendment would simply expand these investments to include combatting meth abuse alongside efforts to fight the drug overdose epidemic.
Senator Manchin’s second amendment would create a reserve fund, also at no additional cost to the taxpayer, to support advanced fossil energy technology research and development. Specifically, the amendment would increase Department of Energy research funding for improving technology for fossil fuels. Senator Manchin’s measure would recognize the need to reduce the impacts of climate change while ensuring the reliability of America’s electric grid.
“I am proud to introduce these two amendments to the Senate’s budget debate since both directly impact West Virginia families, communities, jobs and economic growth,” Senator Manchin said. “Methamphetamine use and abuse is not only rampant in West Virginia but across the entire country. Meth abuse devastates families and communities, causes violent behavior and psychosis, and over time, changes the way the brain works, causing long-term emotional and cognitive problems. Until we shut down our meth labs and drastically reduce abuse, overdoses and deaths, I will continue the fight to help curb substance abuse. We owe it to ourselves to keep up the fight.
“It is also no secret that the American energy sector will continue to rely on fossil fuels for at least the next few decades, which is why it is simply makes sense to invest in advanced fossil energy technologies, like Carbon Capture and Carbon Utilization, that will allow us to use coal more cleanly, maintain the reliability of our electric grid, and support thousands of good-paying jobs right here at home. My amendment would support the Department of Energy’s efforts to partner with states, the private sector, and other stakeholders to make critical investments in advance fossil technologies through the department’s programs, loan guarantees, tax credits, and other financing mechanisms. This is just plain common sense.”