May 08, 2013

Manchin Praises Wetzel County Students For Leading Anti-bullying Campaign

Manchin hosts Skype session with Magnolia High School students to applaud their leadership in anti-bullying campaign

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) talked to Magnolia High School students today through Skype, a popular videoconferencing website. The students informed Senator Manchin about a new organization they created called “The Impact Group,” which focuses on ways to prevent bullying in schools. Senator Manchin also answered several questions on how schools can develop programs to increase awareness of bullying and what role government can play in improving school safety.

“It is truly unfortunate that bullying remains such a severe problem in schools across West Virginia and this nation,” Senator Manchin said. “The students at Magnolia High School who have launched their own anti-bullying campaign are genuine leaders and show us that we can make a difference in our schools and local communities. ‘The Impact Group’ and the students involved should inspire us all to increase awareness of bullying and proactively find ways to keep our schools safe.”

Honors student Hannah Glow founded the “The Impact Group” after she had been a victim of bullying herself. She collaborated with Magnolia High School administrators, teachers and fellow classmates to increase awareness of bullying around her school and created ways students could get involved in the anti-bulling campaign.

Senator Manchin participates in a weekly Skype session with a West Virginia school across the state and answers students’ questions on a variety of topics.

To view a brief “Vine” video of Senator Manchin talking with Magnolia High School students, click here. Vine is a new social media tool that captures short looping videos that Senator Manchin can share on his Twitter account, @Sen_JoeManchin.