February 24, 2020

Manchin Rated Most Bipartisan Member Of Congress

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) today released the following statement on CQ Roll Call’s recent release of bipartisan Congressional rankings. For the second year in a row, Senator Manchin has been ranked the most bipartisan Member of Congress, voting with Democrats 50.2% of the time and voting with Republicans 49.8%. CQ Roll Call is the only ranking of bipartisanship based on actual votes taken by Members of Congress.

“I am again honored to be ranked the most bipartisan Member of Congress. I pride myself on being a Senator who will reach across the aisle and work with my colleagues to do what is best for West Virginia and our nation. While cosponsoring bills and resolutions is important, it’s the hard votes that really matter. We saved healthcare for people with pre-existing conditions because a handful of Republicans were willing to buck their leadership and do what they knew was right. When it comes to the President’s nominations, I believe as a former Governor that the President should have a fair chance to pick his team. When I’m considering nominees political party does not factor in. I look to see if the nominee is qualified for the job to which they have been appointed and cast my vote accordingly. I truly believe that to be bipartisan, you can’t think that Republicans are wrong and Democrats are right, or vice versa. We must approach all legislation with an open mind. Sadly, as these numbers show, we are seeing less and less of that bipartisanship each year. Instead of removing the filibuster and further inflaming the passions of partisanship, we should restore the 60 vote threshold to force Democrats and Republicans to work together for all Americans.”

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