January 20, 2012

Manchin Reacts to Reports that Afghan Soldiers have Intensified Attacks on American, Coalition Forces

Washington, D.C.—U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) today reacted to details of a classified report that were reported by the New York Times, which reveal that Afghan soldiers have stepped up their attacks on American and other coalition forces in that country. 

“What does it say about the sorry state of affairs in Afghanistan that the some of the very people we have spent tens of billions trying to support, train, arm, clothe, and feed are now turning on us and murdering our soldiers and our allies?” Senator Manchin said. “Enough is enough.

“As these terrible events once again prove, we have sacrificed so much blood and treasure to protect and rebuild a nation that has shown us little thanks for all America has done. For the good of this nation, we must shift our strategy away from nation building in Afghanistan, and focus on counterterrorism and destroying Al Qaeda and all terrorists wherever they may hide. As I have said before, it is time to rebuild America, not Afghanistan.
“Finally, my heart goes out to all of the men and women in uniform, and their families, who have sacrificed so much to defend this great nation. I will continue to do all I that I can to bring you and your loved ones back home.”