October 17, 2019


Washington, DC – U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), released the following statement on the Congressional Review Act, S.J. Res.53, which sought to nullify the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule.

“I voted against S.J. Res. 53 because today’s vote put politics over solutions. I never supported the Clean Power Plan because it required U.S. coal power plants to use unproven technologies that were too costly to be practical at the time. While I maintain that the Affordable Clean Energy rule is flawed for ruling out carbon capture and utilization technologies for coal plants, a CRA is an overly broad legislative tool that would prevent any subsequent legislation that is substantially the same, whether it is an improvement or not. I believe we need to put the partisan gimmicks aside and come together to focus on developing and deploying the technologies vital to solving climate change, from carbon capture and utilization and solar power to energy efficiency and storage technologies. The technologies that were unattainable then are within reach now. On the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee we’ve passed 43 bills, many of which move us closer to clean energy solutions in a bipartisan way. The United States must lead the world in technological innovation, advanced manufacturing and transportation sectors to continue to keep our energy affordable, stimulate job growth and enable us to lead on these climate solutions globally.”