June 15, 2021

Manchin: Two Months Left For West Virginians To Apply For Health Insurance During ACA Open Enrollment Period

West Virginians interested in applying can learn more at acanavigator.com/wv/home or call at 1-844-WV-CARES
Washington, DC– Today, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) reminded and encouraged West Virginians to apply for health insurance coverage during the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Special Enrollment Period that ends August 15th, 2021.
“Every West Virginian deserves access to quality, affordable healthcare, and the American Rescue Plan has helped make this a reality by increasing premium tax credits, leading to lower premiums and cheaper health plans for many West Virginians and their families,” said Senator Manchin. “There are only two months left to sign up for healthcare coverage during the ACA Special Enrollment period and I encourage West Virginians without health insurance coverage to visit healthcare.gov to find a plan that works for you and your family.”
The American Rescue Plan has provided additional financial assistance to West Virginians by lowering healthcare coverage premiums. From February 15 – May 31, 2021, 2,509 West Virginians applied for healthcare coverage and new consumers on average saw their monthly premium fall by over 25%. Additionally, the median deductible prior to April 1, 2021 fell from $450 to $50. This brings the total number of West Virginians signed up for healthcare coverage under the ACA in 2021 to 17,217 as of June.
In January, Senator Manchin applauded President Biden’s executive order to open the ACA for a Special Enrollment Period beginning on February 15th.  In March, he also applauded the decision to extend the Special Enrollment Period three months later to August 15th to allow Americans more time to apply for coverage.

West Virginia offers free enrollment assistance to all in-state residents through the WV Navigator. You can learn more at acanavigator.com/wv/home or call at 1-844-WV-CARES.