November 30, 2010

Statement from Senator Joe Manchin Regarding the Coburn Amendment

Washington, D.C. – Senator Joe Manchin issued the following statement regarding the Coburn amendment, which relates to earmarks:
“The topic of earmarks is often contentious so I appreciate Senator Coburn putting forth this amendment to open up the dialogue.  However, I did not support this amendment because this issue deserves the full attention of the Senate.  A deliberate debate should be carried out on earmarks so that Senators from both parties can have enough time to discuss and analyze this topic in depth, and determine the best path forward that protects the taxpayer and serves our constituents. Raising the issue as an amendment to another piece of legislation did not offer adequate time for this important and necessary discussion.” 
“That being said, I have made many concerns regarding the earmark process quite clear. There must be more accountability and transparency. Taxpayers have a right to know exactly where their money is going, and I look forward to discussing a variety of ideas on how to best reform the earmark process with my fellow Senators.”
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