Fact Sheets

From his days as a state legislator to his six years as Governor to his current role, Senator Manchin has always been committed to his philosophy of “retail government"-- in other words, connecting with all of his constituents and making service to them his top priority.

To that end, Senator Manchin has created one-page fact sheets on many of the policy issues and pieces of legislation that matter most to the people of West Virginia.

Please click on the links below to view Senator Manchin's fact sheets. 

Vehicles and Transportation Fact Sheet
Renewables Fact Sheet
Nuclear Fact Sheet
Manufacturing Fact Sheet
IRA Provisions To Boost Oil Gas Production and Decarbonization
Hydropower Fact Sheet
Hydrogen Fact Sheet
Geothermal Fact Sheet
Energy Storage Fact Sheet
Energy Security Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet On Nearly $63 Million EDA Grant for ACT Now Coalition
Inflation Reduction Act Summary
Inflation Reduction Act Summary
West Virginia Hydrogen Hub Working Group
West Virginia Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Fact Sheet
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